Who what & how?

Hi there, Fellow Hooligan!

I am a Forest Chick and I play around with what attracts me - nature, the forest, sticks, herbs and transforming nothing into something. Sometimes I will brew a practical potions in my pot, sometimes I will sew up some clothes from scratch or melt metal on a stone, wrap it with a rope thus creatings a talisman. 

Bringing about practical and meaningfull objects into the world is what drives me..

Symbols visible on most of my creations are bindrunes- spells composed from magical signs, runes which are my way of spreading goodness here and there, wherever they wander along in a pocket or backpack of a forest wanderer.

Usualy our orders are being packed and send chop-chop! and with vigor , sometimes even on the next day. But sometimes it can take me 2-3 days to send your package. If you are in a urgent need for some hooligan goodness feel free to poke me with a stick and inform me about it.

Write me up at store@hooliganelf.com in case of questions more or less urgent.

Thanks and see you in the forest somewhere!

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